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In this video, we will quote exactly what is on the website regarding the recommendations for eye and face protection.

Eye and face protection provides protection against contamination to the eyes from respiratory droplets, aerosols arising from aerosol-generating procedures (AGP’s) and from splashing of secretions (including respiratory secretions), blood, body fluids or excretions.

Eye and face protection can be achieved by the use of anyone of the following:

·      surgical mask with integrated visor
·      full face shield or visor
·      And finally, polycarbonate safety spectacles or equivalent

It is worth mentioning the regular corrective spectacles are not considered adequate eye protection and while performing aerosol-generating procedures, a full-face shield or visor is recommended.

The same as for respirators and FRSMs, eye protection should: be well fitted; not be allowed to dangle after or between each use; not be touched once put on and be removed outside the patient room.

Disposable, single-use, eye and face protection is recommended for single or single session use and then is to be discarded as healthcare clinical waste. However, re-usable eye and face protection is acceptable if decontaminated between single or single sessional use, according to the manufacturer’s instructions or local infection control policy.

It is important that the eye protection maintains its fit, function and remains tolerable for the user. Eye and face protection should be discarded and replaced and not be subject to continued use if damaged, soiled (for example, with secretions, body fluids) or uncomfortable.