Coronavirus COVID-19 for Healthcare Workers Level 2 (VTQ) Reviews

What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “The course was very easy to understand and informative. You can do it at your own pace and that makes it fit around your daily routine.”

    ~ Richard
  • “I enjoyed this course. It was presented clearly with a nice mix of videos (direct to camera and images) as well as informal testing. As a primary healthcare worker, I found the PPE section (the what and how to) most useful. I believe it will give myself, our staff, and our patient's confidence knowing we have been adequately trained. ”

    ~ Charles, Chiropractor (DC) from Shropshire
  • “Easy to follow, clear presentation, and great multiply choice questions”

    ~ sophia, carer
  • “This course is worth taking very educational and I highly recommend ProTrainings to anyone in the workforce or for your own personal reasons”

    ~ Callum
  • “Thorough and comprehensive content covered. By now, a lot of the information is common knowledge, however, content regarding PPE is helpful for everybody.”

    ~ Scott, Sports Therapist from Merseyside
  • “Found the training very informative and useful.”

    ~ Jade, Licensed Tattoo Artist from Wirral
  • “Good, informative, and easy to use course. ”

    ~ Wayne from California
  • “happy with the course thank you”

    ~ samantha, health care assistant from Denbighshire
  • “Excellent course. With the ongoing pandemic, the course details the important points for all to protect us from the virus and is an excellent reminder of procedures to keep safe. Excellent content for anyone especially returning to a healthcare working environment. ”

    ~ Michael from Flintshire
  • “Interesting ”

    ~ Trevor, Aikido teacher from Surrey
  • “Easy to follow ,gets the message across successfully”

    ~ Cheryl from West Sussex
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “good”

    ~ Amie, 9 months ago
  • “Video's were very clear and precise, and I liked how they were broken down into small sections so you weren't overwhelmed with 2 hours in one go.”

    ~ Victoria, over 3 years ago
  • “I likie the way the course matter is dealt with in small chunks which are thoroughly discussed”

    ~ Penny, over 3 years ago
  • “Found the course interesting and easy to follow.”

    ~ Anne, over 3 years ago
  • “Really good course very thorough ”

    ~ Anne, almost 4 years ago
  • “#”

    ~ Sumit, about 4 years ago
  • “#”

    ~ Sumit, about 4 years ago
  • “good and informative”

    ~ Kelly-Anne, about 4 years ago
  • “More Pictures or videos rather than just a person talking would have been useful ”

    ~ Gillian, about 4 years ago
  • “great training course, ”

    ~ Bryan, about 4 years ago
  • “Very clear and understandable”

    ~ Marco, about 4 years ago
  • “Very good”

    ~ Mark, about 4 years ago
  • “Well explained topic”

    ~ Grace, about 4 years ago