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In this video, we will quote exactly what is on the website regarding the sessional use of PPE.

Aprons and gloves are subject to single-use as per Standard Infection Control Precautions (SICPs), with disposal and hand hygiene after each patient contact. Respirators, fluid-resistant surgical masks also referred to as FRSM, eye protection and long-sleeved disposable fluid repellent gowns can be subject to single sessional use in some circumstances.

A single session refers to a period of time where a health and social care worker is undertaking duties in a specific clinical care setting or exposure environment. For example, a session might comprise a ward round or taking observations of several patients in a cohort bay or ward. A session ends when the health and social care worker leaves the clinical care setting or exposure environment. Once the PPE has been removed it should be disposed of safely. The duration of a single session will vary depending on the clinical activity being undertaken.

While generally considered good practice, there is no evidence to show that discarding disposable respirators, facemasks or eye protection in between each patient reduces the risk of infection transmission to the health and social care worker or the patient. Indeed, frequent handling of this equipment to discard and replace it could theoretically increase the risk of exposure in high demand environments, for example by leading to increasing face touching during removal. The rationale for recommending sessional use in certain circumstances is therefore to reduce the risk of inadvertent indirect transmission, as well as to facilitate the delivery of efficient clinical care.

PPE should not be subject to continued use if damaged, soiled, compromised, uncomfortable or in other circumstances outlined in other videos and a session should be ended. While the duration of a session is not specified here, the duration of use of PPE items should not exceed the manufacturer’s instructions. Appropriateness of single vs sessional use is dependent on the nature of the task or activity being undertaken and the local context.